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Hi there. My name is Chris Woodman, and I’m a graphic designer. I love to design beautiful projects for my clients. I design everything from websites and brochures to fliers and presentations. So if you have a project in mind, contact me. I’d be happy to help you out. Meanwhile, view my work below.

Chris Woodman Save the Date Wedding Cards Video Chris Woodman Baseball Ballpark Brochure Video Chris Woodman Lighting Company Website Video
Two Wedding Cards A Ballpark Brochure A Lighting Website
Chris Woodman Artist Brochure
Chris Woodman Granite Marble Brochure
Chris Woodman Architect Brochure
Chris Woodman Baseball Ballpark Brochure Baker Bowl Ebbets Field
Chris Woodman Baseball Ballpark Brochure Shibe Park Fenway Park
Chris Woodman Spa Brochure
Chris Woodman Architect Brochure
Brochure Covers  
Chris Woodman Brochure Covers Cancun Pyramids Lounge
Magazine Ads  
Chris Woodman Automotive Magazine Ad
Chris Woodman Retirement Magazine Ad
Chris Woodman Gold Magazine Ad
Chris Woodman Construction Magazine Ad
Chris Woodman Canyon Rock Climbing Magazine Ad
Chris Woodman Guitar Magazine Ad
Chris Woodman Museum Book Cover
Chris Woodman Wildlife National Park Book Cover
Chris Woodman Aviation Catalog Cover
Chris Woodman Illustration Brochure Cover
Chris Woodman Modern Male Magazine Cover
Chris Woodman Interior Design Flier Illustration Animation
Chris Woodman Spa Flier
Chris Woodman Landscaping Flier
Chris Woodman Environment Landscaping Flier
Business Cards  
Chris Woodman Baseball Ballpark Business Card
Chris Woodman Artist Business Card
Chris Woodman Interior Design Business Card
Chris Woodman Florist Business Card
Chris Woodman Photography Business Card
Web Ads  
Chris Woodman Website Ad Fashion Show Mount Rushmore Coffee
Chris Woodman Landscaping Logo
Chris Woodman Orphanage Logo
Chris Woodman Artist Logo
Chris Woodman Environment Logo
Wedding Magnets  
Chris Woodman Save the Date Wedding Card Magnet
Chris Woodman Save the Date Wedding Card Magnet
Chris Woodman Save the Date Wedding Card Magnet
Chris Woodman Save the Date Wedding Card Magnet


Other Stuff  
Chris Woodman Fashion CD
Chris Woodman Christmas CD
Chris Woodman Environment CD
Chris Woodman Woodworking Ad
Chris Woodman Art Gallery Watercolor Postcard
“I am a non-technical person who wanted a website and needed help putting it together. Chris has made what would normally be an intimidating process for me, comfortable and easy. Showing genuine interest and wanting to understand my intentions for the site clearly indicated that Chris cared much more about the job, but also about me as an individual. Chris is always willing to dedicate the necessary time needed in order for me to feel comfortable. Clearly a teacher by nature, Chris is able to explain things in ways that make sense. His friendly way of delivering information made the experience incredibly enjoyable! He has an amazing ability to look at a page and intuitively see the changes that could be made to take your website to a completely different level. His guidance and assistance have allowed me to develop a website I love working on and am proud of. I would absolutely recommend Chris to design or enhance your website!”
— Brianna Halloran
“His technical skills are excellent. Visual design elements come easy to Chris. Things always just seemed to ‘click.’ He is confident in his abilities and knowledgeable on all aspects of how to bring a website to life. Most important to my project were his softer skills. Chris is extremely organized in how he presents his ideas: always well thought out, ever focused and relevant to the topic at hand. Every action Chris takes is based on moving the project forward in a conscious, efficient and effective manner. He has a special ability to draw out critical information, requirements and ideas from his clients. His approach is one of influence and creative thought. Chris has the ability to help clients bring form and substance to a concept that the client is otherwise challenged to effectively communicate. Chris is a true consultant. Broadly talented, effective and a true pleasure to work with! I would recommend Chris to anyone conceiving, designing and implementing a website.”
— Mark Shull
“I had a wonderful experience working with Chris. He is a joy. A true professional with talent, skill and patience galore. He made my vision come to life and sing. If only all graphic/web designers were as excellent as Chris! I highly recommend Chris to anyone who is interested in fabulous results.”
— Devon Pimental
“Chris listened to me and came up with elegant and refined ideas for my web page, fliers and banner. He edited, cropped and color corrected my images to make good photos, stunning! When Chris delivered the final copies and put up the web page I was thrilled with the final results!”
— Roger Dorer
“Your service and design for meeting the needs of our website was great, the simplicity we were looking for is just what you provided! Your continued services in providing for updates and changes were unsurpassed! You can use me as a referral at anytime.”
— Gene Schleicher
“Chris Woodman has been our source for graphic design. He has helped redesign our profile catalog, which lies at the heart of our business. He has also generated valuable photos and graphics used on the blog pages of our website. We have been pleased at the quick response times and affordable rates in which Chris has extended to our company. I would strongly urge anyone with design needs to use Chris Woodman.”
— Dan Ritosa
“As a small business and with a specific look in mind, I was amazed at the final design and what was offered. I would recommend Chris to anyone, he ‘listens’ to client’s needs and makes a significant difference for a business.”
— Laura Lorig